BITMEX:XBTUSD   Bitcoin / US Dollar Perpetual Inverse Swap Contract
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It is rising above the uptrend line (5) and 9544.5.

I think it is important to get support at the uptrend line (5) or 9544.5.

If you get support at point 9544.5 (above 9601), you need to make sure you can climb above 9728.5 by June 27 (June 26-28).

If you stay too long in the 9544.5 to 9728.5 section of the high volume profile section (9415 to 9728.5), the power may be weakened.

Therefore, I think it is important to quickly rise above 9728.5 points and do sideways.

I think it will be helpful to check the flow when you do sideways on the long-term uptrend line (4)~9728.5 section and comparing the movement with the current uptrend line (5)~9728.5 section.


(Binance BTCUSDTPERP 1D chart)
After June 23rd, it is necessary to check if it can rise above the 9591.11 point along the rising trend line (3).
If you follow the upward trend line (3), there is a possibility that volatility will occur around July 3rd (July 2-4).

If it falls from the 9591.11 point and falls from the 9204 point around June 28th, there is a possibility of volatility around July 8th (July 7-9).


As it climbed above the uptrend line (1), it broke the 9600 point.
It is necessary to check if it can be located above the 9600 point and the upward trend line (1) by June 26 (June 25-27).

There seems to be a possibility of small volatility around June 26 (June 25-27).


** Check support, resistance and abbreviation points.
** Support or resistance is based on the closing price of the 1D chart.
** All descriptions are for reference only and do not guarantee profit or loss on investment.

Description of abbreviations shown in chart
R: A resistance point or section where a response is needed to preserve revenue
S-L: Stop-Loss point or section
S: A point or section that can be purchased for profit generation as a support point or section
코멘트: (USDT Dominance 1D Chart)
Touch the 3.39 point.
It is necessary to check whether it is possible to touch the 3.29~3.31 section after falling as it is.

In addition, you also need to make sure you touch the gap between 3.48 and 3.50 as you gain support and rise at 3.39.
코멘트: (BTC Dominance 1D Chart)
In order for the alt coin to rise, if the alt coin rises, the BTC dominance will drop.

After falling along the downward trend line (2), it rose while creating an upward trend line (1).

It is falling on the uptrend line (1), but is supported at 65.89.

Until it falls below the 65.89 point, altcoins are only sporadically pumped and are not expected to form a large upward trend.

From the BTC Dominance Chart, there seems to be potential volatility between July 6 and July 22.
코멘트: (XBTUSD 1h chart)
You should check the direction after the time indicated on the chart.


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