TradingView in Korea: We're Hiring!

Hey Korea 👋 🇰🇷

We’re hiring! As the largest social network and charting platform for traders and investors – used by 30 million users each month in over 170 different countries (Korea near the top of the list) – we’re looking for teammates in Korea who are passionate about markets to come help us grow!

If you’re a TradingView expert, based in Korea, can speak English, and also have experience in social networks, this is the perfect position for you. Keep reading to learn about who we're looking for and how you can apply.

Job focus:

We're looking for a Community Manager based in Korea to amplify all that we do. You love creating cool content about financial markets, sharing on social media, and helping others understand how our platform works so they can make better decisions.

Key responsibilities:

• Manage our social media channels in Korea including our TradingView account on TradingView, Twitter , Youtube, and more!
• Work with influencers and key partners to make sure they are using TradingView to their best ability.
• Explore new collaborations to help our community grow including live video, ideas, chats, webinars, events and co-branded content.
• Basic data analysis and reporting to show the team your progress over time.

Who you are:

• Interested in trading & investing, with a deep understanding of how TradingView works.
• A passion for social media, content, and working with influencers
• You are able to explore new initiatives like webinars, co-branded content, videos, and are interested in supporting live events.
• You love meeting new people and helping others to make sure they have the best experience possible.


• Proficient understanding of TradingView, financial markets, and the community of investors & traders.
• 1+ years experience working with digital communities whether it’s social media, email, partnerships, and/or customer support.
• Experience working across different teams, making sure projects are completed from start to finish.

If you’re interested in this role, please apply by commenting below - remember we are looking for candidates who also speak English. We will use your TradingView profile as a starting point to see if you're the perfect candidate, and then reach out with a private message!

Keep in mind that we are always looking for talented team members . So if we don't reach out to you right away, stay patient, and down the road we can connect once again.

Thanks for being a member of TradingView and we look forward to meeting everyone!

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