MACD Advanced

Hello traders!
As you know, MACD is one of the oldest and the most popular indicators for trading. It seems to be a «Hello world indicator» of most technical analysis beginners. It’s easy to interpret and rather useful for many styles of trading. There are many arguments about its accuracy but in my opinion, this indicator can show very good results. However, you should squeeze every drop of its opportunities and we'll help you with it. We invented this script to make the lives of both professionals and freshmen easier.

Our new indicator uses all the opportunities that MACD gives. It takes into consideration divergencies, crossovers, the MACD , and signal line location. It seems to be rather difficult to take into consideration all MACD signals when you don’t use algorithmic trading, but it’ll be trivial using our script. We have integrated some innovations that’ll make traders’ staff easier. As you know, the crossover is considered to be a false signal in conjunction with hidden divergence which predicts another movement. Thus, we catch all types of divergencies and if it’s hidden of another «value» we skip it. However, if there's a crossover with bullish divergence or cross under with bearish , the signal seems to be strong and accurate. In this case, divergence is playing for us and makes the point of entrance more trustable. Our script takes into consideration this case and the innovative divergence chaser doesn’t give any mistakes. Moreover, if crossover takes place above zero line and crosses under bellow it, these signals are considered to be false too. It’s a trivial task comparing with the previous, thus it’s extremely simple for our script. We called it MACD Advanced cause it uses all the power of MACD with the power of invasive divergence chasers. The usage of it is trivial. Just add it to the chart, tune the parameters like MACD and tune the divergence chaser and get very accurate signals. We decided not to draw the bars to make signals more visible. It seems to be very nice!

I hope guys you'll enjoy it and it'll become a part of your trading staff.

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