Donchian Channels Strategy by KrisWaters

Doncian Channels is a trend tracking indicator developed by Richard Doncian. The upper line of the channel is determined by the highest value seen by the price in the defined period, the lower line of the channel is determined by the lowest value seen by the price in the defined period. The middle line takes the average value of the lower and upper channels.

Strategy Settings:
- Can apply only LONG positions.
- Can apply only SHORT positions.
- Use LONG/SHORT both.
- You can use ATR as a second exit condition. If ATR stop disabled, Donchian upper or lower channel value is use for the exit rule to long and short positions.

Strategy can be able to optimize by changing channel lengths and timeframe.

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차트에 이 스크립트를 사용하시겠습니까?


This is a great script thank you!

Have you tested this with stop losses and/or trailing stop losses? If so what results did you see?
kriswaters sickysickybrah
@sickysickybrah, thanks for the comment. I think without stop-loss rule strategy works better. Not tested with trailing stop, maybe someone will do it for us and share the results.
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