Sessions (Nephew_Sam_)

Indicator combines the 3;
1. 3 Sessions - with an option to set your own times
2. 4 Killzones- with an option to set your own times
3. Daily Dividers

If you dont want any of the the above or want to decrease your killzones, just uncheck the relevant checkbox under settings - inputs/colors.

Note: Most of this code it taken from other open source scripts, therefore I will leave this as an open source code too.
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Hi really good indicator thank you
I'm just starting ICT Learning and this will come in very handy.
When i've added them and put it on a chart it seems to be out of sync with the 1 hour chart i'm using, what time zone are you i'm uk based would it be easy to amend this my end?
Not sure exactly what times i need to adjust to
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Wondering if you can think of adding daily, weekly and monthly open line, which is ICT open price at 12 newyork time. Good work,,👍
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@Thakkx, I am working on a Levels indicator, I'll have it on there. Should be out by this weekend most probably.
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timdigify nephew_sam_
@nephew_sam_, cool man
Thakkx nephew_sam_
@nephew_sam_, Thanks for your great work on ICT influence indicator. I am still on free membership and only can have 3 indicator on my chart and already using FVG, Kill Zone and SMT. The only other I am interested in really is the Levels like Daily, Weekly, Monthly and ADR. I was wondering if there was by any chance it is possible to integrate this in to FVG or Kill Zone or SMT script, which will keep us continue with free Trading view account :) At the moment i have to swap between your script to get this levels. ADR would be really really handy with FVG as weekly and monthly can be managed as it only has to be marked ones a week or month.
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