Risk Management Strategy Template

This strategy is intended to be used as a base template for building new strategies.

It incorporates the following features:

Risk management:
  • Configurable X% loss per stop loss
  • Configurable R:R ratio

Trade entry:
  • Calculated position size based on risk tolerance

Trade exit:
  • Stop Loss currently configurable ATR multiplier but can be replaced based on strategy
  • Take Profit calculated from Stop Loss using R:R ratio

  • Configurable backtesting range by date

Trade drawings:
  • TP/SL boxes drawn for all trades. Can be turned on and off
  • Trade exit information labels. Can be turned on and off
  • NOTE: Trade drawings will only be applicable when using overlay strategies

  • Includes section with useful debugging techniques

Strategy conditions

Trade entry:
  • C1: Price is above EMA line
  • C2: RSI is crossing out of oversold area
  • C1: Price is below EMA line
  • C2: RSI is crossing out of overbought area

Trade exit:
  • Stop Loss: Stop Loss ATR multiplier is hit
  • Take Profit: R:R multiplier * Stop Loss is hit

The idea is to use RSI to catch pullbacks within the main trend.

Note that this strategy is intended to be a simple base strategy for building upon. It was not designed to be traded in its current form.
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