NO repaint!! BTC only!! some major coins

We have combined multiple scripts and important ideas together.

Added support / resistance lines for quick buying / selling.

The added support / resistance line is not applied to the signal and is repainted.

# Applied Techniques and Scripts #
1. Stoch RSI
2. Momentum Indicator
3. Parabolic
4. ATR
5. Moving Support & Resistance
6. Pivot high low
7. Fibonacci
8. Fractal Trand
9. HullMA
10. Tripple EMA

# Added content #

- Respond to rapid rise and rapid decline.
- Add a two-line strategy
- Added buy / sell in important support / resistance line.

# contact #

- You can test for 15 days on request.
- For script and Auto Bot application, please contact our homepage.

by ColumbusCOINKOK
e-mail -

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