BINGO - LTF Bitmex Scalper for ETH

This is my first script which is exclusively made for ETH/USD for bitmex on 5-10min timeframe(Note: This is not for higher timeframe script, it was not designed to sustain all timeframes, but it might show some good results and you have to test it on your own). It might work for other coins, but i don't recommend it.

Its based on few parameters which I have been using to scalp ETH.

Currently its skipping few trades and exits which i will fix in sometime(getting to learn pine script), nevertheless it is by far most profitable of all my strategies.

1. Green Arrow up - Long
2. Red Arrow down - Short
3. Green TP - Take Profit for short position
4. Red TP - Take Profit for long position

If in Long postion, put STOP at low of 2nd last candle until TP1 hits. At TP1, take some profit and move stop to little above entry. Same for Short, put STOP and high of 2nd last candle until TP1 hits.

Also, it does not have alert function, so all of the trades have be manually executed. Trades are shown in chop zones as well, which will result in losses, so better use a chop indicator to avoid those trades.

Next update will have

1. FIxed missing Trades and Exits
2. Alerts
3. Improved Algo( Removal of signals in chop zone, options to have safe and risky entries, Stop placements)
4. Misc features such as, bar color change, multiple Buy/Sell(currently its alternative - Multiple means, if its a BUY and another BUY comes then it will show that too so you can add to the current trade) etc..

Just to clear my intentions, this script will be "paid only access" after next update(2-3 weeks). If you can, please tag your friends so they can benefit too. Please feel free leave a comment with all the suggestions and test results.

If you have made some money with this script, leave some tip:

BTC: 15sbDhh8t4itiFLuSTmznF87SMspvHBrDh
ETH: 0x8be1be65e9d6a167b8a4d10fda152d1d29e8e4cb
릴리즈 노트: Earlier Buy/Sells were delayed and TPs were missing or misplaced are now fixed. Overall algo improvement

Previous Results Below:

Current Results Below:

릴리즈 노트: .
릴리즈 노트: Fixed a small logical error
릴리즈 노트: .
릴리즈 노트: .

1. Removed chop trades by 90%
2. Algo improvement
3. Now works well on XRPM19 and XBTUSD with utmost precision.

Next update:

1. Add to current trade
2. Bar Colors
3. Incoming liquidations and its direction(experimental)
4. Alerts

Next update will be final update and i will start testing this bot with live funds after the update for a week and post results here. Please note that this bot will me made "invite only" after next update. So use it while you can..

ETH signals Earlier:

ETH signals now:

XRP signals:

XBT Signals:

릴리즈 노트: Added Features:

1. Add to Trade - Use it as a re-entry point to current trade direction or to add some more amount to your current trade(see image below).
2. Algo improvements

릴리즈 노트: .
릴리즈 노트: Updated and improved the "Re-Entry" Algo. now almost every turning point will give re-entry signal.

"ADD" comment was too much of clutter to handle on screen, so removed it.

Now, Re-entry/Add to current trade is marked with small green up arrows for long and small red down arrows for shorts.
릴리즈 노트: Added a new filter which lets you not take the losing trade or less profitable trade and lets you stay in the trend for longer period of time.

Filter has two colors, Red and Green as a line below the chart.

When there is a "Long" signal and filter below is also green, take the long. Same for "Short" signal when filter below is red, take that short.

Avoid any trades until you find any symmetry.

****There is one small trick that i have noticed(Tried and tested on 5-10m timeframe)

If filter below is red(downtrend) and a "long" appears, you can take a short entry at first TP leve lof that long, which should give you very nice short entry.

If filter below is green(uptrend) and a "short" appears, you can take a long entry at first TP level of that short, which should give you very nice long entry.
릴리즈 노트: ALGO improvements

Now less chop trades

Faster reaction. Removed Filter as it was getting very confusing on what to do while seeing both entries and filter.

Works super with my EMA - Trend strength indicator
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I like your indicator , i hv question bro does it repaint or no ?
@Nassim06, Thanks for your interest. No. Repaint happens when you use security function to plot higher timeframe results on a smaller timeframe charts. This script does not use security function. Feel free to test and check. If you find any error or have suggestions regarding the script, feel free to PM me or send a message here.
Nassim06 FiatDropout
@FiatDropout, check pm bro
I love You Sar You Are Brilliant Trader
FiatDropout mobilesite2017
@mobilesite2017, Thanks.
Is it possible to get acces to the script for backtesting? thanks
FiatDropout StevenMichiels
@StevenMichiels, it's open mate. Just copy the title and paste it in indicator section of your chart and add it. Alternatively, you can click on "favourite" button on this page and then you will see this Indicator added in your favourite section in your profile.
@FiatDropout, thanks but now it's not possible to backtest. Therefore is is possible to see the script? thanks
FiatDropout StevenMichiels
@StevenMichiels, Backtesting is not enabled yet. See release notes for updates. You can see the code if that's what you are asking, but you can use the script as it's open to use.
FiatDropout FiatDropout
@StevenMichiels *you cannot see the code
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