Crypto Tipster v2 - Trend Oscillator

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Crypto Tipster v2 - Trend Oscillator

Following on from the release of Crypto Tipster v2 toward the end of 2022, we've been working on a way to visually represent how our indicator works, so our members can utilize more tools and therefore make better informed trading decisions by setting up Crypto Tipster v2 more accurately to suit their individual trading needs.

Trend Oscillator is designed to work alongside Crypto Tipster v2 by providing an oscillating line graph between 0-100. This plot indicates the overall trend strength when all our Crypto Tipster algorithms combine and will help you understand the inherent movement behind the scenes within Crypto Tipster v2.

We have included options that have been previously unavailable within Crypto Tipster v2 - including:
- A variable threshold of trend strength before placing orders
- The ability to place orders when trend strength crosses the mid point of the oscillator (50)
- Placing orders when the trend oscillator detects a change in direction

As well as these options as listed above we've included a function to overlay a Moving Average onto the trend oscillator to help smooth out any potential whipsaw's and false moves. This is particularly helpful when combined with "placing orders on direction change" as listed. Numerous moving average options have been included which include (but are not limited to) SMA , EMA , WMA , VWMA , DEMA , TEMA , SMMA , Hull, ZEMA.. the list goes on!

We've been wanting to include several features like these and more within Crypto Tipster v2 for some time now, but have found it difficult to include these features without causing a certain amount of confusion over what they are, what they do, how they work and therefore what their benefits actually are - a few words and an input box just don't portray the message we need to get across when used solely within Crypto Tipster!

With "Trend Oscillator" we can now release all of these updates without concern of being mis-understood. The visual representation that this oscillator offers helpfully describes what we couldn't describe within Crypto Tipster v2 before.

This script is free to use for all, you don't even need to be a member of Crypto Tipster - however, those of you who are signed up with theCrypster will definately receive the biggest benefit from this script. Alerts are not available with our Trend Oscillator, as are "Buy", "Sell" or "Close" labels on the main chart.

We've got many more updates and add-ons planned for the coming weeks and months, stay tuned!

We've tried to make Trend Oscillator as comprehensive and easy to understand as possible, we are however always in search of progression; we do really love to hear your feedback :)

For more information or for a 7-day free trial of Crypto Tipster v2 please visit the link in our signature!

Happy Trading Guys
릴리즈 노트:
- Re-organised the settings menu to better reflect the settings within Crypto Tipster v2 - makes comparison between scripts more seamless!
릴리즈 노트:
- Edited the ability to set alerts through plots and/or plotshapes
Now only Crypto Tipster v2 members will have the ability to set Alerts using the Crypto Tipster v2 algorithms - sorry Trend Oscillator users! :)
- Changed Trend Oscillator's 'back-testing' range to a limited 500 bars
This is plenty to use Trend Oscillator for it's intended use, to aid with the setup and use of Crypto Tipster v2.
- Tweaked the color of plots
We've removed the background fill as it made the plots difficult to distinguish between; and also edited the line color when using the moving average settings to better match the colors used in 'Normal' mode.

Don't forget to update this script within your Chart Layout!

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