4 Exponential Moving Averages to track market is bullish or bearish
EMA 21
EMA 55
EMA 100
EMA 200
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Sir i telegram video u have mentioned about EMA20,40,55,81. But here it is EMA 21,55,100,200. plz suggest which one to follow and if i tried to make changes in EMA according to video setting, it doesn't accept. plz suggest
sir please allow me to access this indicaator i am a begginer and i have learnt alot form your youtube channel and sir kindly allow me to acees this it will help me alot.
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Zia sir please activate this indicator request
sir please give me access of indicators
Zia sir give me access to this indicator
Zia sir, Please give me access to this indicator.Thanks
allow me this indicator
sir plase enbale for this indicater
Sir, please enable for me
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