Bull Bear Power Trend

Do you find it difficult to analyze trends?

This indicator will help you to have an objective analysis of the trend.

Let's start .....

In this indicator Bears and Bulls go their separate ways.

-The Bull line ( bullish green) always goes above zero.
-The Bear line ( bearish red) always goes below zero.

With a quick glance, you will know who is winning.

There are two zones of tendency force:

- Above 2 for bulls: when the Bull line crosses its + 2 level upwards, an uptrend begins to have strength.
- Below 2 for bears: when the Bear line crosses its -2 level down, a downward trend begins to gain strength.

Trend Confirmation:

- When a histrogram bar appears the trend is confirmed.

When a positive histogram appears, it indicates that the Bull line is above its + level and the Bear line is above its level -.
When it is a negative histogram that appears, it indicates that the Bear line is below its level - and the Bull line is below its + level.

The TREND line (in black) is the difference between the Bull line and the Bear line.
Its crosses above / below zero serve us to track the trend, as well as turning points where we could put a stop loss .

This indicator generates multiple signals as position management, I leave it to fall in love with it and find all that.

Thanks to Jose Callao for this great idea.

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릴리즈 노트: a user asked to smooth Trend Line add the option by applying a regression, you can activate it in the configuration and change the length at your discretion
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Good job! Which is the best timeframe to use it? For 1 day is ok?
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Dreadblitz mariuspe
@mariuspe, hello if 1 day is very good, you can use lower time frames too ..
+2 응답
I must have done something wrong. I copied and pasted but it said something was missing.
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A great indicator! Did you make a version for MT4?
+4 응답
Also, it's repainting...
+4 응답
Dreadblitz mariuspe
@mariuspe, the indicator does not repaint, greetings
+8 응답
sylar2015 mariuspe
@mariuspe, just checked in bar by bar replay, it doesn't repaint. Kudos to the author!
Bro this is the deadly with Binary Options. 1min Chart with 2min Options. I run CCI 20 Steroid for Oversold and Overbought, and extremes. 200 and -200. Heiken Ashi Charts works well with this. I spent the last couple of days on my Demo Account traded 72 FLIPS from a Dominant Trend to the Other Extremity. DAMN! 65/72 wins :D Also an awesome thing about this script you have CCI going to 100s or -100s then does a pull back you can tell if it's a fake or not.

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Mnbrass549 Mnbrass549
@Mnbrass549, ... Update BACKTESTED the 5min candles on 12 pairs today. for 3 months each. Great Signals come from the flip on 89 and 200EMAs

I spent the last couple of days on my Demo Account traded 72 FLIPS from a Dominant Trend to the Other Extremity. DAMN! 65/72 wins :D

I don't know if i was on drugs or something when i did these but i got really lucky on most entries.

Proper way is add this same Indicator onto to the chart and overlay it on top of the first and set the 2 and -2 lines at 1 and -1 choose your colors. When the Bar closes above this on the Pictogram $$$ money trade...$$$ 87% wins rate today. Don't take the trade if no trend confirmation.
BillyNare Mnbrass549
@Mnbrass549, How's the strategy working for you? Using it on a live account now?
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