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This dude on Twitter @TradingScript(UT Bot) tried to take this free script and sell it.

All the inputs he put in are there to make it look complex and don't actually do anything.

The only thing that changes is "Key Value". This is the ATR multiplier and in basic terms determines the sensitivity on the indicator. The original setting by HPotter is 3.5 multiplier (key vaule) and an ATR period of 5.

So yeah I recreated the script.

**If you compare this to that scammers script 95% of the signals are the same, I don't know the exact setting he used..
**HPotter is a Legend

Nov 02
릴리즈 노트: Added alerts
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How to use it????
congrats for breaking the strategy. I don't people understand that if everyone is using the same strategy it doesn't work anymore.
Hey, @Yo_adriiiiaan, good script.

Created a v4 strategy for your indicator:
@Yo_adriiiiaan, can you convert this to version4 ?
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Thanks for your script. How do we set buy or sell alerts?
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Here's the working script - hopefully I didn't violate any rules here this time (newbie, learning my ways around here on TradingView).

Good luck everyone with your trading!
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TradersAITradingPlans TradersAITradingPlans
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kirillkiselev82 TradersAITradingPlans
good option without redrawing
Great service, @Yo_adriiiiaan ! This study has great potential to be a winning strategy!

My two cents: enhanced (just added a few lines at the end, tinkered with a couple of settings) and made the study into a back-testable strategy based on many comments, requests below.

Now, anyone can simply add the strategy to their chart to see the backtesting results!

Hope this helps. Btw, if you play with different settings and discover great settings for a specific instrument, please share with the community here. It will be rewarded back multiple times!

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Hi dear.
Thanks so much for sharing your script.

observing on the swing the results look very good with few losses and many gains.
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