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Ok I try to make this indicator to be a super trend based on candles MTF , need to be warned that it can repaint , I did not had time to check this issue so i post it as idea only (if such issue exist let me know )
the trendline is not repaint based on VHMA (or volume HMA ) that i posted last time
So it a cool idea to make the supertrend in this way ,but need to be tested further
signals are based on this supertrend
Feb 25
릴리즈 노트: remove the stupid signals as they repaint :) sorry
Feb 25
릴리즈 노트: try to solve the issue of repaint , use it with suspect of repaint as It a work in progress...if you want to use signals then click on it in menue..
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@skirmantas, looks like you are right, @RafaelZioni
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Hi Rafael please check your private message thanks
I don't know how it works, I back tested it with crude oil, 4 hours & 15 mins. It looks like something it can be used for swing trading with SL.
mrkstocks mrkstocks
My settings

Src5, Open
Tf 480
Res5 2 hours
ST mul - 3
ST period - 10

Signals not enabled.

Short at the top when the plot is red, SL above the plot.

Long at the bottom when the plot is green, SL below the plot.

The MVG can be used for taking intermediate positions, again SL above the plot.
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Tarle19 mrkstocks
@mrkstocks, Which TF you are using for the chart?
this shit look good on 4 hours mtf on 15 min candles but I still suspect it may repaint , so still testing it.. maybe you have better idea then mine how to solve it?
ok i remove the signals as it repaint ,sorry
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