Directional_Strength_Index HAMA Candles

This is a collaboration of my DSX indicator and NSDT HAMA Candles.

I took the formula from DSX and condensed it, then applied my gradient system modified with NSDT HAMA's gradient.

Next, the candle building adjusted with DSX calculations. The overall goal was to add enhancement from DSX without removing the HAMA logic.

This is a trend following indicator and will work best in trending markets.

The basics are you have 3 signals:

Up = Long Color(Default green)

Down = Short Color(Default green)

No Direction = Neutral Color(Default Yellow)

The wider the candles the stronger the movement, the smaller the candles the smaller the movement.

Steps: The distance between Up/Neutral and Down/Neutral

Lookback: The number of candles to look back on for DSX calculations. (Higher=smoother, Lower=More Noise, Default=100)

DSX Indicator here:

NSDT HAMA Candles here:

If you have any questions please feel free to comment or message me

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