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simplified version of TZ original. With Alert function
Transient Zones (v420)

I drew the trades on the arrow signals so you can see, its not all win, but with good money management and other ways of finding Target points (MA's or Pivots or Fib or Structure etc)
It is profitable. No repaint, No offset
릴리즈 노트: Adding the Offset back in, realized its part of it. Just know that it will draw the signals a few bars in the past
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15m seems good
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krunalbarot SeaSide420
@SeaSide420, this is super good as usual.. just need one help mate.
how exactly to trade this ? i mean due to offset the sell signal appear after 10 bar or buy after 10 bar close.. but wont the price have change after 10 bars?
can you please explain this a bit pls?
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Zentrades michaelfehser
@michaelfehser, Have you done your homework on the concept of transient zones? ... : ) They are just that, zones. This indicator does the job.
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