SPY Checker

Using this indicator allows you to check the SPY for large gaps and candles (e.g. >1.5%) directly in your stock chart at first glance.

Hope this helps many of you to be more efficient in your SPY verification - have fun!
릴리즈 노트: The SPY Checker algorithm was optimized in the updated version.

It is now also possible to use this indicator for all stock charts and to get the SPY indication on them visible without opening the SPY chart explicitly.

Additionally the "2 days trading stop" is now visible on the chart and this configuration is available in the indicator settings.
릴리즈 노트: The SPY Checker algorithm has been optimized in the updated version and the functionality has been extended.

Now you can display the SPY trendline in the current chart as an overlay (yellow line) and configure the SPY trendline adjustment in the indicator settings. This will allow you to determine if the current stock chart is following the SPY.

You can also select a trading stop for several days in the indicator settings, which is visible through the green and red background color.
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