[AngelHouse] All Eating Assistance Indicator_v1.0

Hello, I'm Angelhouse, a crypto analyst and developer of the index :)

The All Eating Assistance Indicator is an indicator created to support the All Eating Strategy Index and is a strategic indicator created for trading in the crypto market.

★ Describe the All Eating Assistance Indicator

1. Pivot Points Standard : Provides a Pivot Points Standard indicator. The corresponding indicator is R1/R2/R3 and the resistance line is S1/S2/S3 represents the support line. Strangely enough, the stock always reaches the line.

2. Auto Fib: Show Fibre automatically following the previous high and low points. If you want to check for a recent or more historical Fibre, you can change the Deviation and Depth values.

3. Month Information Label: Shows the highest, lowest, and Closer values of the stock price for a month.

※ If you want to obtain access to this indicator with a script dedicated for the first time, please contact the link shown in the signature.
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