Supertrend V1.0 - Buy or Sell Signal

Supertrend Indicator with Buy and Sell Indicators. Supertrend is quite a popular indicator. To know more about it check out the article below.

10 Things to know about Supertrend
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//Author - Rajandran R
study("Supertrend V1.0 - Buy or Sell Signal", overlay = true)

Factor=input(3, minval=1,maxval = 100)
Pd=input(7, minval=1,maxval = 100)


TrendUp=close[1]>TrendUp[1]? max(Up,TrendUp[1]) : Up
TrendDown=close[1]<TrendDown[1]? min(Dn,TrendDown[1]) : Dn

Trend = close > TrendDown[1] ? 1: close< TrendUp[1]? -1: nz(Trend[1],1)
Tsl = Trend==1? TrendUp: TrendDown

linecolor = Trend == 1 ? green : red

plot(Tsl, color = linecolor , style = line , linewidth = 2,title = "SuperTrend")

plotshape(cross(close,Tsl) and close>Tsl , "Up Arrow", shape.triangleup,location.belowbar,green,0,0)
plotshape(cross(Tsl,close) and close<Tsl , "Down Arrow", shape.triangledown , location.abovebar, red,0,0)
//plot(Trend==1 and Trend[1]==-1,color = linecolor, style = circles, linewidth = 3,title="Trend")

plotarrow(Trend == 1 and Trend[1] == -1 ? Trend : na, title="Up Entry Arrow", colorup=lime, maxheight=60, minheight=50, transp=0)
plotarrow(Trend == -1 and Trend[1] == 1 ? Trend : na, title="Down Entry Arrow", colordown=red, maxheight=60, minheight=50, transp=0)

Can someone explain how to set up alerts for this indicator?
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does this work with cryptos too?
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Awesome I love it:
oh my gosh... so tried my other favorite reit and get this, better than other one on the down side.
Supertrend indicator.
PD 1 Factor (not saying) was going to, change my mind again, happy to tell privately retail traders not for big boys to read thanks.
normal candles buy on up arrow, would short or sell on down candle etc... 40 cent moves... time Jan 2015 odd to Dec 2018, 4 years worth
up bullish buy 80.00% winners 36 losers 9
Down bearish sell 79.07% winners 34 losers 9..
So lets say reit xyz closes at $50 and on up arrow... near close, so you buy... 80% chance next day, when opens or some point there after it will go up 40 cents min, cause I back tested against this.. can be more or less... come to that...

I altered the Factor, got to have it much lower, 3 is no good... on default had it say up arrow when was on last green candle, after that tanked, so careful... PD should be 1..
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Delman Delman
@Delman, Now then.... what if less and get stuck, can average down.. collect dividend...
What if carries on, well, wait for pull back.. not always, but often, it pulls back right in to the now green, if going up super-trend line, sure can go so many cents below... once got a bit of a sideways line, not one that going up say left to right, but flat.... do a horizontal line off it (alt H) and alter color.. on the one day..
Then can move down to lower time frame, and when on 15 minute comes down and hits that line you buy.
Delman Delman
@Delman, update:
having tested lots now, not the holy grail on a lot of stocks, have to be selective, like a lot of indicators... When alter the factor setting and test, remember even those high, like xyz gets an 85%, it's because after you bought on an up arrow, it counts as a yes (See my comments above) if goes so many cents up... meaning often that is call it does.... so have to be out either quick after open, or get ones that reverse and later, which can be few weeks, finally reach your whatever cents it is..

For example.... xyz $50, so though not always I take $30 as 30 cents, and $50 as 50 cents, etc...
So buy, knowing back tested 50 cents on xyz at $50... But 50 shares knowing on this stock got a win rate of 85% let's say... sure enough opens and goes up 45 cents, play safe and sell, retreats you smile, what's this, now up 70 cents, and closes strong, obviously showing signs not a one off and gonna reverse, but could test back... either bought on close again, or wait for pull back to supertrend line next session....

So my point is... what about those that didn't even manage to get their back tested certain amount in...

Spy for example tracks s&p, just like other indicators, had poor results on DIA and SPY but better with QQQ and IWM...

Spy was that bad only tested the one setting had 65.79% winners 25 losers 13 on 1 day, pathetic...
(Again not saying what settings)
IWM on the other hand on heiken ashi candles got 87.50% yeah wow, that's 28 winners and 4 losers over 4 years and can play them off the line.. thus would get more chances...
What how did gold do, well gdx a funny choppy one as well, so was tough, but, did see a 80.43% on normal candles that's 37 winners and 9 losers.
Delman Delman
@Delman, Conclusion, as this I'm told based really on chandelier exit/stop I shall be testing that once finished with the supertrend... setting of 2.0 (Will give that away for once, lol) as not that great, can be used on lower time frames, but not great results, even on the best like reits, get say a 75% on 1 hour.... for many that might be great... I like 80% plus mostly..
There are some stocks that got over 90% one getting, wait for it a whopping 96.97% on normal candles that's 32 winners and only 1 loss, wasn't much, like 20 cents next day or there after moves, was cheap stock, like $12 to $17 say over 4 years..
But if bought few hundred shares and made 20 cents on it, well, wow..
Anyway GBU all so so much.... remember serve Him not money, use money, give to charity.... :)..
Hope that helps, love revealing truth, no gimmicks here, no courses, no newsletters no website, not after your money ok... just telling you how it is, hope that helps you all reading this.... sorry can't reveal settings though, moment i say anything on you tube, market gonna do this, swear the big boys read it and alter things, lol... cause changes almost straight away, serious.... Anyway...use this with another indicator or two, like keltner channel and can't go far wrong.... :).
I want any kind of apps or website where Super trend indicator will give some sound alert.
If anyone can help me regarding this.
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You can have alarm, just set up an alert choose the indicator then the arrow up and condition - value more than 0 if the arrow will appear it will be always more than zero and it works, have to add second one for arrow down, there is repainting issue though ...
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@enilarp, Could you explain this in further detail as I am new and not really sure on how to do this. Thanks, much appreciated.
enilarp lorenzoreisluca
@lorenzoreisluca, indicator--> add supertrend indicator --> right click on supertrend indicator line --> add alert -->(in the alert window) condition (supertrend) -->up arrow or down arrow -->instead of crossing place greater than - in 3rd line put value 0 --> options (once per bar close) --> Create - done
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