Bogdan Ciocoiu - Code runner

The Code Runner is a hybrid indicator that leverages other pre-configured, integrated open-source algorithms to help traders spot regular and continuation divergences.

The Code Runner specialises in integrating some of the most popular oscillators well known for their accuracy when scalping using divergence strategies.

The Code Runner stands out as a one-stop-shop pack of oscillator algorithms that traders can further customise to spot divergences.

The indicator's uniqueness stands from its capability to recast each algorithm to apply to the same scale. This feature is achieved by manually adjusting the outputs of each algorithm to fit on a scale between +100 and -100.

Another benefit of the Code Runner comes from its standardisation of outputs, mainly consisting of lines. Showing lines enables traders to draw potential regular and continuation divergences quickly.

The indicator has been pre-configured to support scalping at 1-5 minutes.

The Code Runner uses the following open-source scripts and algorithms:

These algorithms are available in the public domain either in TradingView space or outside (given their popularity in the financial markets industry).
릴리즈 노트: This revision of Code Runner introduces overbought and oversold levels for each module.
릴리즈 노트: Color coding adjusted between TSI and Stochastic.
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