Super indicator Strategy

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This is the strategy for Super indicator
in reality we bet buy and sell signal on the info panel when its in open ,and it test result TV always put 1 candle after close
so this screw up the results for this indicator
for shorter tf increase Piz level to best fit, for longer tf you need short piz
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Which piz would you recommend as a starting point for 1H and 4H time frames? Thanks very much.
test period function does not work
@RafaelZioni , why if using "strategy.entry" in strategy always Lag 1-2 candles compare if using study in TV? also here your super indicator study vs super indikator strategy, signal cross cricles and signal short/long not at the same candle) ? Pls answer
Very nice! How can I install it? Thanks
cryptoBob102 cryptoBob102
Just saw the install button. Thanks very much again!
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