Twin Range Filter

An experiment to combine two range filters and plot the average of both to smooth out the signals.

This works significantly better than the typical ATR set-up, but there's still too much noise here to set and forget with bots. Use it as the basis of your own system with additional filtering on top.
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cannot use strategy tester..can you convert to strategy??
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greenmask9 Apinapin
@Apinapin, I will convert it to strategy if colin approves.
Apinapin greenmask9
@greenmask9, tqvm..
Great job Colin :)
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not accurate as many others but nice try
andy5868 Alecto
@Alecto, Is there a better one you can recommend?
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Alecto andy5868
@andy5868, supertrend or pivot point supertrend. I use it with cmsuperguppy.
응답 can ı use mt4
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Great job Colin! I've played around quite a bit with your indicator and I do like it a lot. Try these settings: 1H Candle - Input settings: Close-20-1-45-3, use a 20 Moving Average and only act upon the signals that follow the 20MA trend. Set the alert at "once per bar close".
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