Inflation Adjusted Performance: Ticker/M2 money supply

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Plots current ticker / M2 money supply, to give an idea of 'inflation adjusted performance'.
~In the above, see the last decade of bullish equities is not nearly as impressive as it seems when adjusted to account for the FED's money printing.
~Works on all timeframes/ assets; though M2 money supply is daily data release, so not meaningful to plot this on timeframe lower than daily.
~To display on same pane; comment-out line 6 and un-comment line 7; then save, remove and re-add indicator.
~Scale on the right is meaningless; this indicator is just to show/compare the shape of the charts.
릴리즈 노트: option use US M2 or M1 money supply as denominator.
option to use Foreign country M2 supply (currently set for UK: GBM2); edit line 14 to add another country's M2.
option to plot US M2 and M1 money supplies themselves.
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