Hersheys CoCo Volume

CoCo Volume shows you volume movement of your symbol after subtracting the movement from another symbol, preferrably the sector or market the stock belongs to.

My latest update to my CoCoVolume Indicator. It calculates today's volume percent over the 60 period average for both your symbol and index, and displays that difference. If the percent is over the max it highlights the color, showing BIG action for that stock.

The last version was calculating the percent volume difference from yesterday to today for the stock and index and displaying the difference. The prior method had large swings on low volume stocks... this one shows the independent volume action much better. The default values will suit most stocks.

You can set three variables...
- the index symbol, default is SPY
- the period for averaging, default is 60
- the max volume percent, default is 500

Good trading!
Brian Hershey
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