Crypto MultiTrend multi timeframes

Hello, today I bring you another crypto strategy which can work with multiple timeframes and most of crypto currencies

Its made entirelly of multiple EMA , of different lengths : like super fast, fast, normal, slow and very slow

We also combine a little bit of price action together with the trend direction both for entry and for exits, to have a more precise control.

The rules for long close is above all EMA's, they are in ascending order and the at same time close is bigger than the previous high, and previous high > second previous high, close > 3rd previous high , close > 4th previous high, close > 5th previous high, 5th high > 6th high.

For short we have the same, but instead of high, we use lows, and instead of > we use < .

As exit we have 2 conditions for long and 2 for short

To exit long we have : super fast ema < fast ema and fast ema < normal and normal < slow ema . For short, they would be the opposite, using > sign.
The second exit for long is when our current low crosses below 4 of ours EMA during the same candle. For short, is when the high crosses above 4 of ours EMA during the same candle.

CAUTIOUS : Currently it uses not risk management system, so in this current condition is extremely risky . Be careful

If you have any questions lets me know
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