Dynamic Range NVT Signal

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NVT Signal (Credit: Willy Woo and Dmitry Kalichkin) is akin to a "PE" ratio for Bitcoin , and can be used to identify when Bitcoin is overbought or oversold based on the relative value of transactions sent across the network.
This indicator includes a 2 year moving average and standard deviation to identify outlier values, instead of declaring a static high-low range for relative valuation.

A dynamic "high-low" range was chosen for the following reasons:
- Bitcoin is only 10 years old, it is likely that relatively "high" and relatively "low" NVT values will change with time, as have PE ratios over the last century.
- Some transactions are now made off-chain (eg. Liquid Network's private side-chain which is used by many major exchanges). If this trend continues, we can expect "normal" NVT ranges to increase with time (as the relative portion of public on-chain transaction values decreases).

- NVT = Circulating Market Cap / 90 average On-chain Transaction Value*
- Overbought (default): NVT > 2-year mean + 2*standard deviations. I.e. NVT Signal is in the top 2.5% of values for the prior 2 years.
- Oversold (default) NVT < 2-year mean - 0.5 * standard deviations.**
*Data source:, estimated transaction value does not include returned to sender as change.
**Oversold under 2-year mean was chosen due to the skewness of NVT Signal, it is not normally distributed. For example: NVT Signal has never been less than the 2-year mean - 2* standard deviations. This may change in the future.

- Use with care. Bitcoin can remain "overbought" or "oversold" for extended periods (eg. 2015-2016).
- As Bitcoin ages, the validity of NVT Signal will need to be monitored. Particularly with respect to potentially increasing use of side-chains, private transactions and potentially the lightning network.
- It is likely that a 2-year “look back period” for calculating mean and standard deviation will not be sufficient in the decades to come. As Bitcoin matures and stabilizes (some time in the future), a longer "look back period" should probably be used. To allow for this, the defaults for this indicator can be easily adjusted.
릴리즈 노트:
Changes NVT Signal line to blue, for better functionality in TradingView white- and dark- themes.
릴리즈 노트:
No code changes. Cleaned up the Script chart only.
릴리즈 노트:
Updated signal to show moving average cross over signals (option to turn off).
When NVT Crosses the 2yr ave, an NVT "overvalued signal" occurs on average 103 days later.

What does this mean?
BTC rises 108% on ave over the following 3mths.

Some of the stats:
- 8 out of 14 occurrences since 2013 resulted in an "overvalued" signal touch within 100 days
- 11 out of 14 hit within 200 days
- The average draw-down, if you sell when signal crosses back under the ave, is -6%

And... the above assumes you sell immediately when the "overvalued signal" hits.
Holding longer can yield even higher returns.
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Added Glassnode data as an option.
Formatted and added sourcing.
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Sourcing update

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