Trend Alert indicator based on Long term (daily) en Mid term (4h) timeframes so you can enter a trade in direction of the trend at the Short term (1h) timeframe in direction of trend. You can configure the LongTerm en MidTerm timeframe to your liking. Method by Jospeh Nemeth
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dose it repiait
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@bossx, no
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How to use it if he can redraw a lot of hourly candles? It can show a lot of green squares in a row, and then after a few hours, redraw them on red
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Thanks for sharing tr_rlstreet :)
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great indicator. thank you.
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rstraat kevinsoop888
@kevinsoop888, correct, is in pinescript v2 (not repaint proof) and it is using a higher timeframe, if in this hihger timeframe conditions change then also the lower timeframe candles will change
So it works it just repaints a bit? Pls Clarify
rstraat lockermoose
@lockermoose, Yes it repaints. It is written in pinescript v2 which is not repaint proof (from v3 it is I believe)
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