Trade with Tj (BUY & SELL)

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Used TD sequential methods to easily find buys and sells.

Easily buy and sell when indicator shows "BUY" or "SELL" signals.

Here is the quick tutorial:
1. Define trend in a higher time frame (Check where the price is heading!)
2. Go to smaller time frame to cross-check with the higher time frame.
3. If you follow the trend you could be more aggressive and Buy or Sell (Following the trend is less risky)
4. If you are going against the trend you could Buy or Sell at "Buy" or "Sell" signals. However, you could always be little more careful to wait for "STRONG" buys and sells.

**** Before you proceed with trading, ALWAYS make sure if indicator has been effective in selected time-frame ****

**** Signals are live and ongoing. so, if you want to play safe please wait for candles to close to confirm "buy" or "sell" ****

like explained above, profit could be maximized when used regarding current trend.

This indicator could be used in any chart.

Works perfectly fine with most of the index markets.

BUT make sure on your own to see if this indicator fits the market and then proceed with your successful trading. :)


Please be advised,

in MAJOR BULL/BEAR MARKET with extraordinary or irregular volume this indicator may be less effective than contracting market.

Happy Trading!!
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사용해보고 싶습니다^^
hey i like this script can i use it thanks.
저도 사용해도 괜찮을까요?
i can use this script ? Thank you
can i use this script ? please permit me. Thank you
I could use this script. please permit me. thank you~
thank you~!
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