Prediction SMA Cross(linear regression) ©MBYLAB

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This indicator outputs the price that must be reached for the different moving averages to cross.

The moving average line whose source is the closing price changes before today's closing price is closed, but yesterday's closing price is fixed,
so it calculates and outputs the value at which different moving averages become the same through calculation.

For example

The overall (5) average of the above values ​​is (1+2+3+4+5) / 5
, and it is the same as finding the value of X necessary for the value of (5+4+3)/3 including the most recent value 5 to be the same.

and also,
In this published indicator, a linear regression line is additionally output based on the price that broke or broke each condition value.

There are two lines, the linear regression line that must regress to cross the moving average line and the linear regression line of the price reached when the current trend is maintained.

The right to use this indicator is open to all. Anyone can use it without any restrictions.
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