Pivots High & Low

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- Pivot Point + extended gorizontal Lines

- Easy to see the high and low points
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@Dr-Bull, can you create the strategy version of this?
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Very useful indicator.

Have you tested it live and done the backtesting ?

Does it repaint. it looks too good to be true for trading
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Dr-Bull drutrading88
@drutrading88, it's used for trading, but it's not the only thing i see

i did't repaint. This is a open source.

it was created for viewing with VPVR indicator.

and i'm going to upload the next version soon.
mrgr888n Dr-Bull
@Dr-Bull, no repaint? for real?)
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Hi If it shows high and low label after two candle difference very helpful. But it shows big time gap. Please rectifty if possible in coding script
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Really good indicator, but does it show the high and lows during intraday or after a while?
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