Pivots High & Low

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- Pivot Point + extended gorizontal Lines

- Easy to see the high and low points
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차트에 이 스크립트를 사용하시겠습니까?


Very useful indicator.

Have you tested it live and done the backtesting ?

Does it repaint. it looks too good to be true for trading
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Dr-Bull drutrading88
@drutrading88, it's used for trading, but it's not the only thing i see

i did't repaint. This is a open source.

it was created for viewing with VPVR indicator.

and i'm going to upload the next version soon.
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mrgr888n Dr-Bull
@Dr-Bull, no repaint? for real?)
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@Dr-Bull, Does this work in the live market?
Hi If it shows high and low label after two candle difference very helpful. But it shows big time gap. Please rectifty if possible in coding script
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@Dr-Bull, can you create the strategy version of this?
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Really good indicator, but does it show the high and lows during intraday or after a while?
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