RSI Momentum Acceleration by Tartigradia

Plots the momentum acceleration oscillators from price and RSI , rescaled and with areas above/below highlighted.

Usage: in a nutshell, when the background is yellow, it's bearish ( RSI decelerates faster than price), whereas when the background is green, it's bullish ( RSI accelerates faster than price). It appears to detect early some reversals that are otherwise difficult to detect.

Note: it supports using any other indicator's output as the second source input, instead of RSI . PineScript does not allow for more than one source to receive input from other indicators, all the others must only use price as an input.

This indicator uses the core routine to calculate Momentum Acceleration Oscillators by DGT:

This indicator is based on the idea of stinkbug: "RSI is a good momentum indicator showing how excited ppl are on a move, this is why divergences on it work so well. I would like to see the change accelerating or slowing on a move up or down.."
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