GS New Highs Pointer

What is this Indicator - This indicator i developed for identifying Highs and lows on weekly timeframe. It identifies new 52 weeks and 26 weeks high and during down trend market, it looks for new 6 month lows or 52 week lows
How to Use it - To use this indictor , You need to plot it in the chart and can be used in anytime frame. Whenever you see a stock showing green arrow below the price, then it means it has hit new 52 and 26 week highs. It basically means something interesting happening in that stocks and you can make your buy decision based on it if you are looking for momentum stocks
Market- It will work in any market condition Bull or bear if you are looking for momentum run
Condition - Use it when you are in satellite stocks and you want to identify if stocks is making new highs or not.
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