Do you like TSI indicator?
Do you like HMA indicator?
The all new, HULLTSIBOT indicator!

TSI indicator was on a space mission to mine other planets and then the crew stumbled upon a bunch of HMA indicator eggs. In the darkness of the slime room they found, There was a suddenly a bunch of failing and swearing and machinegun fire muzzle flashes, then all fell silent.
from the back shadow mist stepped forward a TSI indicator, but its eyes were bloodshot and it did not look the same...
The rescue ship found the TSI indicator motionless but still with a heartbeat....
a few days went past, the TSI indicator layed in the medic bay,
A medic noticed a bulge in the abdomen, that started to move!
The alien lifeform burst through the stomach of the TSI indicator and flew at the medic, covering the face and overpowering the new victim with ease...
Quickly it spread throughout the entire rescue ships crew, with many new alien lifeforms searching every corner for a new host.
The rescue ship flew on, able to land with autopilot as programmed for in emergencies, Thus the HULLTSIBOT was introduced to the humans world...
planet earth
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