Crypto Scannner for Traffic Lights Strategy

I allways try to make trading easier. Developing Scripts for a quick backtest and improvement of a strategy, getting alerts for entry and exit a position. Loading data to a spreadsheet is also important and takes time.

In this case finding good parameters in different markets or assets to enter in a position, is a bit exhausting. It is something you have to do everyday, and sometimes in different moments of the day.

So I manage to develop a Screener, to take a quick look at specific hours, and tell if I have a buy or sell condition in an specific asset. Obviously this is not an alert to make a trade instantaneusly, but this help you filter a lot of information in matters of seconds. Then open those specific charts and make a better analisys.

A few weeks ago, I published a scrpipt called "Traffic Lights Strategy", that uses 4 emas to get a buy or a sell condition. It is easy to understand and use, but if you don´t want to missed some opportunities, and don't want to be look at the screen in all the time looking for them, I have here a simple solution.

This script works plotting 2 labels. The first one plots all the assets in which the condition is true (fastema > medema > slowema > filterema or fastema < medema < slowema < filterema)
The second one plots the assets were the condition is true only if happened up to 5 candles back, so you can be in time to enter a trade.

You can take the script and customize it for a different strategy or assets. I coded like this because I backtested this strategy in this specific assets, and statistics suggest that it might be profitable.

I hope this works for you. In other time I'll try to code a script for the others strategies I published.

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