EMA 9/45/90/180/270/360 Reversals

This is a 6EMA crossover script, to make a whole trend and S/R analysis in a second ;)

Hope you like it! Leave a like pls :)
릴리즈 노트: UPDATE:
#Change in colours: I think these are kinda better.
#Added SD*3 from de EMA9 (Green plot): Works as a delayed Lower Bollinger Band. My invention :)

TIPS: You can unfill the zones, and give more opacy to EMAs. I cannot untick them, but I can do give them 100% transparency.
Also, you can untick the SD*3 recently added.

Soon more updates :)
릴리즈 노트: UPDATE:
#Added Linear Regression and crossover with price colour change. This gives a clear idea of the trend.
Price above LR = Bullish
Price below LR = Bearish

I turned TL1-TD*3 to 100% transparency, but you can turn it on if you liked it.

Leave me suggestions!
Thanks for support.
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