CS Trading Bot Strategy - Crypto Edition

What is this strategy about?

The CS Trading Bot Strategy is for researching the most lucrative Crypto assets to be selected for in the corresponding Study (that actually generates alerts/signals).

The Strategy is very profitable for a vast amount of Crypto assets and the algorithm behind is not overfitted.

How to use it?

As a rule of thumb, the best time-frames are the 4h, 3h, 2h and 1h (sometimes 30M and 45M).
For many high profile/volume assets such as BTC , ETH and XRP the Daily is very profitable, as well. Weekly and Monthly time-frames should be avoided.

It is not recommended to apply this strategy to new assets with only a few weeks of history. I recommend a history of at least 6 months and 5 trades in the Strategy stats.
In the Strategy settings, you can adjust the time-span to see how the Strategy performs in certain conditions like bear-markets (see for example 4H on BTCUSDT from Jan 2018 - March 2019).

What to look for on researching?

If you are researching, make sure to look for these metrics in the Strategy overview:

  • Linear equity growth (especially over a larger period of time)
  • Low drawdown
  • Profitability above 50%
  • Average gain per trade of 5%
  • A satisfying profit for your selected time-span
  • Min. 5 trades, better 10
  • Min. 6 Months time-span

As a head-start, I suggest to research on the following assets, so you get a feeling about what to look for based on the list above:


Why Poloniex? Because it has a long history for these assets...

Once you determined your favorite assets, you are ready to add the corresponding Study and within, set alerts for them.
Here the Webhooks are very interesting as you can forward your signals to your own trading bot or simply wait until my trading bot is available (currently in development)

Since I develop myself, rest assured it will be available soon. Look out for comments below as soon as it is available!

The bot is a commercial package including:

  • This Strategy for finding the best assets
  • The Study for setting alerts based on the best assets (webhooks, emails, popups, etc)
  • Access to our automated trading bot (separate download, as soon as available)

How to access?

If you are interested to get access to the complete package, please don't hesitate to send me a private message for a quote.

The amount of concurrent users using the package (=licenses) is limited to max. 500 a month (more we cannot manually handle has Tradingview has no automation for this yet).
Access to the bot package is based on a monthly basis. If you get access, you will asked in person at the end of the month if you want to continue or not.
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