Arul Binary Color A2 Signal

This is a simple indicator with buy and sell arrow indicator.

This is a One Candle Expiry logic.
created with 1 minute candle stick in mind
Use Martingale Strategy to get Good result

Buy => Once you see green arrow you can buy in end of current candle.
Sell => Once you see red arrow you can sell in end of current candle .

After Getting signal very next candle will be result candle where you will see the trade result.

Happy Trading ......
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hey what is Martingale Strategy?
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bigbludots BhaveshAnghan

In simple terms Martingale strategy is used to recover your loss with a risk. If you loss a trade in the very next trade you can increase the trade amount to recover your loss.

If your profit is 80% and your initial trade value is $1 you can use following values to successfully execute Martingale Strategy.

Trade 1 : $1
Trade 2 : $2
Trade 3 : $5
Trade 4 : $11
Trade 5 : $25

Please note increase the trade value only if you loss the trade. Please don't let your emotion take control you

Keep in mind that your capital always in risk in trading...
Hey, very nice and efficient!
So you calculate the candle quality at first. Could you please explain by simple words where to buy or sell? Thanks.
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Great One.I will try this for sure and share my feedback
Best script for short term trades. Great potential. My sincere thanks.
In each end of the candle you will find a arrow. Red for DOWN and Green for UP. It is indicating the direction of next candle.
Nice, this is very good on 1 minute. Use martingale to compenste the loss on next trade.
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