TA-Money Flow-Version4

Updated for TV-Pine V4

This is the MACD of a stochastic OBV movement indicator and now the MACD of the Squeeze Momentum Indicator . It is good (right) to work with both price and volume ...it is also good to utilize the most popular indicator ever in TV (Lazybear).

I've included highlighting based on price divergence, yellow is divergence of either OBV or SQZ , red is both divergence, and then I've also built in the "squeeze on - blue" highlighting to show follow through of divergence. It works great on any time frame, but you need to have volume data. Not sure where I originally got this (stoch-OBV, somewhere off Tradingview several years ago, thanks to the person who shared), Squeeze is Lazybear, links below.


Version 4:
Updated OBV equation because TV-Pine V3 broke in V4
Included MACD of Squeeze for histogram
Included "squeeze on" highlighting

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Thanks for sharing these neat indicators!
kocurekc wroclai
@wroclai, no worries, enjoy
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