Kwan NRP Backtest

To calculate the coordinates in which the kink of the line will cross,
the standard Forex instruments are used - Relative Strenght Index, Stochastic and Momentum.
It is very easy to optimize them for the existing trading strategy: they all have very
flexible and easily customizable parameters. Signals to enter the market can be 2 situations:
Change of color of the indicator line from red to blue. At the same time, it is worth entering into the purchase;
Change of color of the indicator line from blue to red. In this case, it is worth entering for sale.
The signals are extremely clear and can be used in practice even by beginners. The indicator
itself shows when to make deals: the user only has to accompany them and set the values
of Take Profit and Stop Loss. As a rule, the signal to complete trading is the approach of
the indicator level to the levels of the maximum or minimum of the previous time period.
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