[blackcat] L3 Financial Minesweeper: Altman Z Score

Level: 3


The Altman Z-score is the output of a credit-strength test that gauges a publicly traded manufacturing company's likelihood of bankruptcy. The Altman Z-score is a formula for determining whether a company, notably in the manufacturing space, is headed for bankruptcy.


The possibility of financial failure or bankruptcy of the enterprise is analyzed and predicted through the comprehensive score. The lower the Z value, the more likely the enterprise will go bankrupt. By calculating the Z value of an enterprise for several consecutive years, we can find out whether the enterprise has signs of financial crisis. Generally speaking, when the Z value is greater than 2.675, it indicates that the financial situation of the enterprise is good, and the possibility of bankruptcy is small; When the value is less than 1.81, it indicates that the enterprise is in a potential bankruptcy crisis; when the Z value is between 1.81 and 2.675, it is called a "gray area, indicating that the financial situation of the enterprise is extremely unstable.

STOCKs ONLY which require financial data.
X1~X5 coefficients can be customized for different stock markets.
Compared to TradingView official Altman Z-Score Indicator.

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