Bitmex Scalping Specialist for Crypto, Forex & Stock market VIP

This premium indicator will help you to do quick scalping on bitmex, bitfinex and on margin tradings.
You can use it for forex, crypto and stock markets.
It works best in combination with Z-Special Z-Special Bitmex Altcoin Buy/Sell Trading Suite VVIP Indicator
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sir how to accsess this scripts pls helpme
+1 응답
How to get access to this script
+4 응답
can i have 24h demo and what is the price
+1 응답
Could I please have access to this script?
+5 응답
Hi... I'm now following you on TradingView and would like to try your "BitMex Scalping Specialist" scrypt. May I please have the permission necessary? Thanks.
Scott S.
+16 응답
How can I get access to this script???
+10 응답
Lol another fake guy. No one can be rich with paid trading signals. People are not fool , they need to work hard to get paid. PONZI SCHEME- Poor cheep tricks.
+26 응답
ShivamJaiswal ShivamJaiswal
@ShivamJaiswal, Lol now this guy removing my comment
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