Draw swing Lines based on SMA

// Draw swing Lines based on SMA
// Each swing line must cross SMA
// ---------------------------------------------------
// Input:
// sma (Number): Default 50;
// showSMA: Default 'true'; if showSMA ='false', do not show SMA line;
// Deviation(%): Default "1"; To draw a new swing line, Price must cross SMA more than (n% of SMA )
// In weekly chart, better use "2" or more to avoid small ZigZag ;
// ---------------------------------------------------
// This swing Lines could be used:
// 1. Verify reversal pattern, such as, double tops;
// 2. Help to draw accurate trend line , avoid noice; Set showSMA=false, to see trend line clearly;
// 3. Use two of this study together with different SMA , Set showSMA=false,
// Such as, SMA20 and SMA200, to see small waves in bigger wave

// ---------------------------------------------------
// In this sample Chart -- AMD 1h (Feb to Jun 2020)

// Added this study with SMA (50),

// Hide price chart and SMA line, to show the Swing line only,

// I drew some sample trend lines , and identified one Double top ;
릴리즈 노트: Add SMA 200 to help verify trend. when SMA50>SMA200, it is uptrend.
릴리즈 노트: Add SMA200 to show SMA50/200 relation for trend direction.
릴리즈 노트: Add SMA200, To find Golden cross for long entry.
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Correction: #6, Stop is below SMA200.
Amazing. Thank you :)
This tool helped me to drew the trend line and pickup the high probability trending direction before the price action pattern break out.
Sample trade: long WYNN yesterday, It was wedge consolidation, pending for break out. Today, the upper line had been broken out by $7.00;
very nice work:)