The Golden Pivots

The Golden Pivots indicator is a combination of the following:

1. Central Pivot Range
2. Floor Pivots
3. Camarilla Pivots
4. Monthly, Weekly, Daily Highs and lows
5. Candlestick Setups

All the pivot calculations are based on Secret of Pivot Boss book by Frank Ochoa.

One can also view tomorrow's central pivot range by today end of the day.
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Master Of The Pivots ...
@ZAQDA, Frank Ochoa is the master :)
is it possible to add tomorrow camarilla levels in advance??
@Nanda86, yes you can. In the script H3 and L3 levels of Camarilla will be visible when you click on Show Tomorrow's pivot
Thanks & Respects

its Amazing Script ,Simple Pure Vision ,How Abaut 2 Days or 3 Days CPR Rates ,Better to Understand the Breakouts but Anyway ,Thanks For Sharing ,Accept my REGARDS AND RESPECTS...
ThePivotTrader coffebroker
@coffebroker, Thank you, it does mean a lot. So you want to be flexible to calculate CPR? For 2 day CPR, you want to use open of first day, high/low of two days and close of second day? Correct me if I am wrong
coffebroker ThePivotTrader
@ThePivotTrader, Absolutely Right, Especially Changeable Daily CPR Option, If you Can Add 2/3/6 Day CPR Value is very important, as Mr. Ochoa pointed out, it may be the first in Tradingview, Thank you very much for your kind response, I have no doubt that you can do,
Thanks and Respects...

2D High+2Dloc+2DClose/3 e.t.c
2/3/ Days CPR Value is So important.
For example when 1 Day CPR Vlaue Becomes 2 or 3 Days CPR Value ,means the Vice Versa of the Share ,derivatives or future any Currency ,Or You Can Think the Opposite ,when you are trading
ThePivotTrader coffebroker
@coffebroker, Well this looks interesting. I will try updating and let you know.
ZAQDA ThePivotTrader
@ThePivotTrader, How Abaut The Other Indıcators of Frank Ochoa ?Could you mind to think develop them for Tradingview Dear Master ?
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