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It's a scalping script, which can be used using Heikin Ashi candle on 5min time frame (I personally use it for BINANCE:BTCUSDT and BINANCE:ETHUSDT scalping).
We've tried to include SL and target (1.5R and 2R) in this as well, and it works well but sometimes (please note SOMETIMES..SOMETIMES, it can be few..few pips here and there)

Idea is simple, you take the trade based on the signal given by the script and place your SL as per the script and then target 1.5R for 80% of your position and 20% for the remaining 20% of your position.

One extra thing which I've found useful is, you can use Awesome Oscillator (default setting) as well for placing SLs . If you use this method for placing SL, then just place your SL at the last green awesome oscillator candle for shorts and at the last red awesome oscillator candle for longs. From there target 1.5R and 2R.

Overall results are same for either, so you can use it as per your convenience. For any query, you can send me a DM on discord or twitter .
릴리즈 노트:
updated the SL and take profit thing
now you don't have top use AO for that, its inbuilt
just take the trades based on the TP and SL given on charts, you can disable that as well (jncase you don't want to see it)
릴리즈 노트:
small update, SL for long was still at recent high, updated it now

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