Custom Indicator - No Trade Zone Warning Back Ground Highlights!

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Years ago I did an analysis of my trades. Every period of the day was profitable except for two. From 10:00-1030, and 1:00 to 1:30. (I was actively Day Trading Futures ) Imagine a vertical graph broken down in to 30 minute time segments. I had nice Green bars in every time slot (Showing Net Profits), and HUGE Red Bars from 10 to 10:30 and 1 to 1:30. After analysis I found I made consistent profits at session open, but then I would enter in to bad setups around 10 to make more money. I also found after I took lunch when I came back at 1:00 I would force trades instead of patiently waiting for a great trade setup. I created an indicator that plotted a red background around those times telling me I was not allowed to enter a trade. Profits went up!!! Details on How to adjust times are in 1st Post. You can adjust times and colors to meet your own trading needs.
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진정한 TradingView의 정신에 따라, 이 스크립트의 작성자는 스크립트를 오픈소스로 게시했기에 거래자들이 이해하고 확인할 수 있습니다. 작가님께 건배! 스크립트를 무료로 사용할 수 있지만, 게시물에서 이 코드를 재사용하는 것은 하우스룰을 따릅니다. 당신은 스크립트를 차트에 사용하기 위해 그것을 즐겨찾기 할 수 있습니다.

차트에 이 스크립트를 사용하시겠습니까?
//Created By User ChrisMoody
//Created on 3-5-14
//Special Thanks to TheLark for showing me who to create the On/Off Check Boxes for The Plots.

study(title="CM_No-Trade-Zone", shorttitle="CM_NoTradeZone",overlay=true)
timeinrange(res, sess) => time(res, sess) != 0
sNT1 = input(true, title="No Trade Zone 9:30-10:00 AM EST?")
sLunch = input(true, title="Lunch 12:00-1:00 PM EST")
sNT2 = input(true, title="NTZ 1:00-1:30 PM EST")
warnClose = input(true, title="Warning Close 3:30-3:50 PM EST")
warnCloseFinal = input(true, title="Warning Close Final 3:50-3:55 PM EST")

//Extra Plots If Needed - Step1 - make sure you make active Step 2 and Step 3 Below
// Make active by deleting the to forward slashes at the left of extraPlot1 and 2
//extraPlot1 = input(true, title="ExtraPlot1 add Time Description")
//extraPlot2 = input(true, title="ExtraPlot2 add Time Description")

noTrade1 = red
lunchHour = yellow 
noTrade2 = red
warn_Close = orange 
warn_CloseFinal = orange

//Make active by deleting the to forward slashes at the left of extraPlot_1 and 2 - You can change colors here
//extraPlot_1 = red
//extraPlot_2 = red

//Must use Military Time  1300 = 1:00PM
//***Make sure your time zone is set to your correct time zone
bgcolor(sNT1 and timeinrange(period, "0930-1000") ? noTrade1 : na, transp=60)
bgcolor(sLunch and timeinrange(period, "1200-1300") ? lunchHour : na, transp=60) 
bgcolor(sNT2 and timeinrange(period, "1300-1330") ? noTrade2 : na, transp=60)
bgcolor(warnClose and timeinrange(period, "1530-1550") ? warn_Close : na, transp=50)
bgcolor(warnCloseFinal and timeinrange(period, "1550-1555") ? warn_CloseFinal : na, transp=10)

//Additional Plots if needed STEP 3  Adjust Time
//bgcolor(extraPlot1 and timeinrange(period, "1000-1030") ? extraPlot_1 : na, transp=60)
//bgcolor(extraPlot2 and timeinrange(period, "1400-1430") ? extraPlot_2 : na, transp=60)


hi Sir,
Does it suit to Nifty 50 Index because our trading time starts at 9.15am & ends at 3.30pm.How can I adjust the time please reply to my mail id or you can reply to my comment here also.
Is it possible to change the colored in areas to plot dotted vertical lines instead? @ChrisMoody
Hi Chris, I love your work and am very interested in creating different chart looks. I have a few myself that look as if they have potential and will forward them to you. In the meantime I have a request. Could you modify the standard linear regression indicator that we get on tradingview such that the base line changes colour depending on whether it is pointing up or down? Thanks for all the interesting charts you have created.
Linear Regression Lines isn't a indicator we have access to yet. It's coming in a upcoming release...Then it shouldn't be a problem
What platform do you use? With all of your indicators, are they easily adopted on think or swim?
ChrisMoody blair_trader
Thats a simple bud loaded question for me...I own about every platform there is. I primarily use MultiCharts and are the professional and institutional grade platforms produced by the creators of TradingView. Both retail for $1500 a piece...I've had TOS since Tom Sosnoff released it. I trade options through that platform but don't use it for charting due to many limitations...however for free it's a great platform. If your a TOS fan I can't recommend enough paying for the top level of creator is the #1 developer for TOS and with the paid subscription he gives you all of the indicators/systems he's created. The forum has extremely talented programmers and pretty much every indicator you could want is already been produced on the paid forum...or people will gladly help you customize....

If your looking for specific charting features let me know and i can pint you in the right direction. However...I can assure you with the upgrades TradingView has planned over the next 3-6 months this platform will give you more features than other platforms.
Is perfect now, thanks!
Good...Glad you got it working
I love it! The time looks weard in my chart, show up 10:05 to start, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00 and so on.
Love it - great job
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