Text Price to Chart By Mercalona

This script was developed to visualize ideas of trades sent by groups on the internet. For example (Telegram, Whatsapp, Discord).

This is a trade idea:

Entry: 1766. 40
SL: 1757. 40
TP1: 1769. 40
TP2: 1772. 40
TP3: 1776. 40
TP4: 1780. 40
TP5: 1800

So what needs to be done?
1. Open this script in the "GBPNZD" chart.
2. Click on "configuration"
3. Copy the message.
4. Paste the message in the "Prices" field
5. Click "Ok"

What is the end result?
Then, if everything goes well, all lines compatible with the price informed in the message text will be displayed.
The lines can be green if the word "buy" or "Bought" exists, otherwise it will be red

It is also possible to configure 3 dates to be displayed on the graph.
Usually the first date is set to know the point that the entry was made in the trade.

Please feedback us.
We hope this helps you!

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