MavilimW buy sell alert by coinsspor

MavilimW buy sell alert by coinsspor

You can set alert with this indicator.
it has 2 option to buy-sell depends color of line or depends bar crosses with line ; so pls select on/off and see result
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차트에 이 스크립트를 사용하시겠습니까?

34m binance BTCUSDTPERP special setting

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Can you please convert this into a strategy to see the potential gains one can make with this indicator
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Hey, I'm trying to use this script with autoview but see that a signal sometimes appear and then disappear. In meantime the order is then already triggered. Is there a solution for this?
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coinsspor dpanday
@dpanday, wait
for bar closed
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sizce geri dönüş öncesi kærı almak için en uygun program nedir ?
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hiise senetleri için de olur herhalde.
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Hi , where i can turn on or off ?

Thank you.
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Elinize sağlık hocam
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great work done, please optimize it to get accuracy :)
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Teşekkürler emeğine sağlık.
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Elinize Emeğinize Sağlık
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