Auto Fibonacci Retracament Levels+Labels by @Borserman

Labeled Auto Fibonacci Retracament Levels. The color of fibo levels is green when the trend is upward and the color of fibo levels is red when the trend is downward. Also, you can see the highest and lowest values related with your period.

Coded by Twitter @borserman
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Hi, and thanks for your code it is very useful and clean I like it a lot. Can I ask you how you decide the up (green) and down(red) trend direction? What constitutes the trend (color) change in color or direction. Thanks for explaining and perhaps giving an example. cheers
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Wassup. Can I please have access to the code. Nase23 sent me. Thank you
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Hello how can I get access to this?
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Hello Borserman. How or what do I need to add this to my trading charts? I am coming to you from ez forex on youtube. Thank you in advance for the reply.
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Excellent script, thanks
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@scarf, Thanks for your interest!
cebelli borserman
merhaba bir ricada bulunmak istiyorum bu indikatörü hangi periyodda kullansak daha iyi
Excellent script. What code line would you add to get the price levels written next to the Fib level to get a quick visual price on this Fibs ?
Can you explain what is the auto fibo value of 100? do we need to change it based on the time frame we use?
can anyone tell me in the auto fibo indicator, what is the auto fibo value set as default 100? should we change that value based on different time frames or not?
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