This indicator based on SMA , EMA and other things.

Showing support & resistance line is so easy to use this indicator.

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Now user can set own sma / ema on Chart.

how to use?

just Click All price line for showing.
릴리즈 노트: Version update.

Change MA period, also redesign about indicator.

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Hi. Everyone
This is for "MBY_LAB".
The "S & R" indicator is a useful indicator of support lines and resistance lines based on moving average lines.
Unlike the Fibonacci, it is based on the moving average line, so the support line and resistance line are renewed according to the current trend, so, more reliable.

How to use?

First, search for "MBY_support&resistance" in the index search box.

first page you can choose the moving average length and switched SMA for EMA.

On the second page, you can choose the color and thickness of the support line and the resistance line, and the user must select the price line option.

If you do not want the moving average line output, you can also hide it by clicking the checkbox.

Thank you for your support and your feedback.
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