4K+ Candlestacks/ColumnCandles Plus Perks

For all candle analysis enthusiasts out there, this is my cutting edge "4K+ Candlestacks/ColumnCandles Plus Perks" that I spontaneously invented long ago. Just when you may have thought it was the end of the evolutionary line for candle technology, it's not! There are candlesticks and now "candlestacks". Your eyes are presently gazing upon a NEW candle type intended for destiny well into the 21st century and onward to support much higher graphics resolutions including 4K, 8K, 16K+ yielding enhanced chart analytics. With extremely high resolution display technologies arriving within the affordable range, having thin 1 pixel wide traditional candle wicks are going to become more and more visually apprehensible. Particularly for folks with a visual acuity that is not par at 20/20 or have some degree of color blindness, the candlestacks have a "large" amount of different color schemes to select from.

"Candlestick charts" are suspected to have been invented by Munehisa Homma well over 200 years ago. We have been using technology that is older than the age of distributed electricity and the modern car combined with billions at stake, hour to hour of each day. While candlesticks are effective, by having an abundance of computing power, the old candlestick wick width is becoming indistinguishably lost in the fog of a plenitude of plots. After a short time of contemplating about it linguistically in Pine Script, I arrived at a eureka moment having an actual working candle that was entirely novel. However, I didn't want to stop there. It required color finesse for diagnosed visual impairments combined with methods such as Heikin Ashi variants. My intention while inventing this was to provide the ultimate experience in candle technology that could potentially exist.

"Candlestacks" are just like the original OHLC candlesticks , however the "wick" portion is more like a column displaying visually increased situational awareness. Immediately at first sight, I originally conceived of the name "ColumnCandles" upon initial inspection of the plot, being it was remarkably similar to overlapping column charts I have been seeing for years with data metrics. In my attempt to formulate a worthier name, I noticed their appearance looks like stacks of blocks. Stacks, sticks, it sounded rhythmically sweet. I decided candlestacks would be a more appropriate name for this candle type distinguishable from candlesticks , but all to similarly sounding. I am hopeful I chose candlestacks as a fitting name that the rest of the world may come to appreciate one day when the planet is powered by nuclear "compact fusion" reactors and everyone has personal aerial transportation availability. "Candlestacks" vs "ColumnCandles", leave your opinion below in the comments if you are compelled to do so, providing a consensus. I respect your opinion either way...

Heikin Ashi, with it's advantages of identifying current short term trends, seemed worthy of inclusion, so I decided to expand on candlestacks with three different formulations to select from, including a fourth OHLC basic type. There are two distinct methods of Hieken Ashi employing pre-smoothing and post-smoothing techniques, each of which having capabilities of using different smoothing filters that are selectable.

Other features include a brightening option for the first descending candle which is best suited while using Heikin Ashi. The candlestacks wick transparency is independently controllable. Descending candlestacks have a darker wick than the ascending kind. With the Heikin Ashi smoothing techniques, I included a selection to see traditional candlestick wicks in a supplementary fashion. Also, there is an option to control the amount of candlestacks that are displayable. This is also a multicator including my "SWIFT Moving Average Crossover", which is complimentary to the candlestacks, especially in one of the Heikin Ashi modes. This moving average crossover(MAC), having multiple color schemes, limits the divergences between the leading and lagging lines. Of notable mention, the crossover dots on the SWIFT MAC you see, are actually one bar late. Lastly, with this flagship indicator, I included a multi-color "neon source" line to view close, hl2 , etc... in combination with the candlestacks yielding the best of both worlds selectively. Any one of the individual indicators may actually be enabled/disabled independently. Being this is an overlay chart, I "may" include other overlay indicators in the future where they provide an added benefit to what is already included.

I provided multiple color schemes for those of you who may have color blindness vision impairments. You may contact me in private, if these color schemes are not suitable for your diagnosed visual impairment, and you wish to contribute to seeing the color schemes improved along with other future indicators I shall release.

I.P.O.C.S.: "Initial Public Offering Clean Start" proprietary technology. Firstly, many of my other indicators already possess this capability. It allows suitable plotting from day one, minute one of IPO , remedying visually delayed signal analysis. It's basically accurate plotting from the very first bar (bar_index==0) on Tradingview. If you don't know what this is, most people don't, go back to the VERY beginning of any stock on the "All" chart and compare it to other similar indicators. What's so special about this? It is extremely difficult to get a healthy plot from bar_index==0 on any platform. However, I have become exceedingly talented performing this feat in most cases, but not all depending on the algorithm. This indicator is a successful accomplishment implementing IPOCS. It's inherent value is predominantly for IPO traders who in the past have had to wait 20, 50, and 150 bars before they obtain a precise indicator measurement for the simplest of algorithms in order to make a properly informed decision to potentially invest in an asset. How is this achieved? It's a highly protected secret of mine... but I will say I rarely use Pine built-in functions at all. When I do, I use them scarcely due to currently existing Pine language limitations.

Features List Includes:
I.P.O.C.S.(Initial Public Offering Clean Start) Technology
Enable/disable dark background for enhanced visibility
Color schemes for individual indicators
Controls for Heikin Ashi candlestacks smoothing
Historical bar controls
"Neon Source" options
Many, many more previously described...

This is not a freely available indicator, FYI. To witness my Pine poetry in action, properly negotiated requests for unlimited access, per indicator, may ONLY be obtained by direct contact with me using TV's "Private Chats" or by "Message" hidden in my member name above. The comments section below is solely just for commenting and other remarks, ideas, compliments, etc... regarding only this indicator, not others. When available time provides itself, I will consider your inquiries, thoughts, and concepts presented below in the comments section if you do have any questions or comments regarding this indicator. When my indicators achieve more prevalent use by TV members , I will implement more ideas when they present themselves as worthy additions. As always, "Like" it if you simply just like it with a proper thumbs up, and also return to my scripts list occasionally for additional postings. Have a profitable future everyone!
릴리즈 노트: Provided after hours data availability for candlestacks and general code cleanup.
릴리즈 노트: Refactored an abundance of code to improve script efficiency.

Also, I included my formulation of Dr. John Ehlers' Super Smoother as an upgrade. My modified algorithm plots from bar_index==0 accurately providing a pre-filter that eliminates the Nyquist frequency for any study() indicator that has an input(input.source). This may improve signaling performance in many indicators within high noise environments, but not all. If you visually disable the Super Smoother from the chart, it will continue to supply a filtered source to the tethered indicators. It's visibility in the chart is just enabled/disabled, nothing more. For those of you that didn't know, Dr. John Ehlers' Super Smoother accepts a floating point number for the period, yielding refined control over this algorithm.

Another upgrade, is my "MTF OHLC CandleLevels". This novel MTF technology displays MTF OHLC support and resistance levels that mimic the functionality of regular candles in real time. Candle behaviors are chosen with a selection of either the ordinary OHLC candlestick formations or Heikin Ashi candlestick formations. These CandleLevels will be visible when the time frame is set to a higher timeframe than the current chart sampling rate ONLY. For example, you may be using the 10 minute interval sampling rate on the chart, yet you can see the open, high, low, close ranges with a selected 45 minute timeframe setting without having to change the chart. The MTF settings are highly adjustable having intervals of seconds, minutes, and days surpassing the default input(input.resolution) provided by Pine. There are also other controls available to fine tune a visually pleasing appearance depending on your preferences. CandleLevels can be visually enabled/disabled as well. NOTICE: There is only 50-55 line drawings available, in total to display, at this current release. This is a current subtle limitation of Pine Script.
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May I have the access please??
Thanks in advance !!
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May I have the access please??
Thanks in advance !!
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Thanks a ton sir......
También saber si tiene alarma en los cruces y si puede ser automático

Vuelvo a darle las gracias

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Gracias por su respuesta

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pls grant access
Gracias de poderlo probar

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