Bollinger Band with Fib Golden Ratio (0.618)

This startegy uses Fib level (0.618) of Bollinger Band for long entry. I find this is the only strategy which gives similar results on the different time frames. I have tested QQQ for 1H, 2H , 3H and 4H charts , all showed over 70% winning rate.

BB settings 50 , mult 1.5 (or you can use 2.5 or 3 )

Note: for the basis I have used VWMA instead of SMA .

ema 50 is above ema 200

when the price close or low touches BB50(Fib0.615) lower band

when the price crossover BB50(Fib0.615) upper band

Stop Loss
Stop oss set to 5% , configurable

Strategy works similar to mean reversion style. When it touches the lower bans (which 0.615 level of the BB50) , it bounces from there.

This strategy is for educational purposes only. Please do your own reserach for trading decissions.

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Thanks for this, I'm trying to use this for Bitcoin. Why does this only call for trades from 2015 to 2017?
mohanee LA18WOLF39

I guess that's TradingView limitation. If you change to higher timeframe , you may see earlier to 2015.

Check and talk to TradingView support
Thank you so much for sharing this great system!
@rlone9440, are you using this?
rlone9440 francisblesson
@francisblesson, It works well in range bound market. However, securities with higher volatility stop this one out frequently.
mohanee rlone9440
@rlone9440, This strategy only takes the entries when Long term trend is up and it is in pull back.

be cautious, some times pullbacks can turn as trend reversal ( bullish to bearish) ... this is the case keeping stop loss is good idea
rlone9440 mohanee
@mohanee, thanks. I will keep that in mind.
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